Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nautical harmful bacteria found in the united states

Beware the increasing threat of pandemic diseases that have not previously been identified previously such as bird flu virus makes experts more alert Recently, U.S. scientists find new bacterial strains potentially lethal complication of the disease even
Bartonella bacteria named rochalimae were found on a 43-year-old U.S. woman who recently traveled to Peru for three weeks Unnamed woman who had suffered fever symptoms similar to malaria or typhoid fever
Bartonella this type of bacteria closely related to microbial had caused thousands of soldiers suffering from pain during the First World War more commonly known as trench fever Disease transmission occurs through the body search This bacterium is also thought to still be related to the identified bacteria 10 years ago when the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco, USA, which causes cat scratch disease, and infected 25,000 people per year in the U.S.
Women who are infected with these bacteria have symptoms of a rash, appear small spots throughout the body, difficulty sleeping and experiencing a high fever for several weeks The bacteria are lodged in the surrounding mountains of the Andes, Peru, and spread through flies Experts suspect that the disease was found in women was first caused by bacteria bartonella

eat yogurt every day both for health

Not only a beautiful dairy and fast food, easy and nutritious what is available throughout the year, but the researchers found evidence that milk and milk can add years to your life as it actually exists in some countries where yogurt and fermented milk products (like kefir) is the principal food.
Milk is fermented milk made by adding bacterial cultures to milk, which causes the transformation of sugar and milk, and lactose, to lactic acid. This operation provides pleasant acid taste like candy and unique texture, and quality that is reflected in the original Turkish name, Yoghurmak, which means "thickened."
As a general rule, we support the low-fat dairy products instead of products made from milk, although we understand that there are people of all milk and milk products may be appropriate. For a detailed report about this, please read our report on this matter.

Health Benefits
Our food ranking system qualified yogurt as an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B2, riboflavin and iodine. Yogurt is reflected in our analysis as a source of vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, zinc, potassium, protein and molybdenum. 10 This alone would support the nutritional health food yogurt. But some of the most interesting information about the health of yogurt comes from a different context, the potential for absorption of bacteria live.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living at home with the Pharmacy Medicinal Plants for Healthy and Beautiful

Many useful plants for healing and treatment. The ability to heal and the positive effects of some plants as medicine has long been known long before scientists discovered a variety of medicines with chemicals. You also can plant and use medicinal plants in your home as a pharmacy alive

Life Pharmacy
Understanding life pharmacies are utilizing some of the land for the planting of medicinal plants for everyday purposes. Generally known, that many traditional medicines that can be used to treat various diseases. Traditional medicines are generally more secure because it is natural and has fewer side effects than the drugs manufactured. That is why some people prefer to consume traditional medicines.

Imagine, if available in your garden of medicinal plants that can be used if one family member is ill. Of course it fun. You just pick it up at any time, even though the night. No need to spend money and guaranteed freshness because it directly picked from the plant.

Medicinal plants is no less beautiful as ornamental plants. You can also grow between ornamental plants or flowers that exist. Besides medicinal plants are generally more powerful against various plant diseases because they have to overcome a natural substance, so you do not need to provide pesticides.
So, in order to create a beautiful life pharmacies and useful there are some things to consider. For example, you need to menyerasikannya with plants and other elements in the park, so as not to damage the garden arrangement. You also need to know the benefits of each and how the use of medicinal plants accordingl


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